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Buckwheat is without a doubt one of the most important agricultural crops in our country. Despite the fact that the native land of buckwheat is North India and Nepal, it came to us from sunny Greece. You can buy buckwheat without leaving your home in our online store Auchan.zakaz in just a few clicks – a pleasant price and affordable service will delight you.


Why did buckwheat so quickly conquer the hearts of fans of healthy eating? It’s simple: buckwheat contains vitamins of group B, E, K and PP, over eighteen amino acids, minerals, including calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium and iodine. A large amount of easily digestible protein and organic acids makes buckwheat a leader among all other cereals.

Buckwheat has long established itself as a favorite side dish for many, the preparation of which does not require special culinary skills. Buckwheat makes excellent first courses, lean cutlets, cereals, diet cereals, casseroles.

You can also use cereals as a filling for pancakes. Note that the calorie content of the product averages 282 kcal per 100 g, therefore, people who follow the figure should definitely include buckwheat in their daily diet.

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Buckwheat has long ceased to be a scarce product; you can buy it even in an online store. Auchan.zakaz offers the client the widest selection of goods from the world’s best manufacturers. Buckwheat groats are available for order, weighing from 200g to 1000g. You can also order cereals by weight on the site – our pickers will choose for you only high-quality goods at an affordable price per kg.

To complete a purchase, register on the website, add the necessary goods to the virtual basket, indicate the delivery address in Kiev or the suburbs, as well as the desired method of payment (we accept a bank card, in addition, cash and non-cash payments are available).

Buckwheat is incredibly successful in Ukraine, because it does not require a huge amount of time to cook, it is a super-useful hypoallergenic product that is easily absorbed by the body.

Regular use of buckwheat strengthens the cardiovascular system, tidies up the work of internal organs, especially the liver, and improves hematopoietic function. Buckwheat also strengthens the immune system, increasing the body’s resistance to colds and viral diseases, improves appetite, and prevents the development of atherosclerosis and hypertension.

Where buy buckwheat

When choosing buckwheat, pay attention to the inscription on the package: the highest quality is considered to be unground of the first grade, its cost cannot be too cheap. Top-grade buckwheat grains must be of the same color and size, otherwise there will be problems with its preparation. High quality buckwheat should have a pleasant natural smell. Hulls and other debris are not allowed.

If you smell a sour or musty smell when opening the package, discard the product immediately. Also, you cannot eat buckwheat if it has a bitter taste. The shelf life of buckwheat groats is one year from the date of production, not packaging.

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Delicious and hearty buckwheat is good in itself, as well as as a side dish for meat or fish dishes. It is steamed, boiled, steamed in boiling water or dairy products. Loose buckwheat porridge, generously flavored with butter, saturates and gives a boost of energy. And green buckwheat provides the body with useful substances, vitamins and macronutrients, maintaining youth and health of the body from the inside. Incredibly fragrant honey is made from buckwheat, and the husk from this cereal is used to produce environmentally friendly pillows. One way or another, this cereal is considered a unique food product that is widely used in dietary and baby food.

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Buckwheat. Composition, features, calorie content

Buckwheat is one of the most valuable cereals. It contains fiber, hard-to-digest carbohydrates. When digested, buckwheat does not raise blood sugar levels, so it can be eaten by people suffering from diabetes.

The benefits of cereals have been proven by nutritionists and gastroenterologists. It is rich in iron, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Buckwheat has a multifaceted positive effect on the body, participating in metabolic, hematopoietic processes. Groats strengthens tooth enamel, normalizes the digestive tract, supports the functioning of the nervous system and liver. Therefore, buckwheat porridge is often present in the dietary menu for people who want to improve the body or correct body weight. The calorie content of buckwheat is 313 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Where i can buy buckwheat

Every woman has probably heard about this unusual way of losing weight. Buckwheat with kefir helps not only get rid of extra pounds, but also improve the functioning of the digestive system, strengthen and heal the body. The buckwheat diet involves the daily use of porridge cooked with kefir or ordinary drinking water. Pour cereals in the evening, leave overnight. The mixture is consumed without heat treatment. The big advantage of this type of nutrition is the improvement of the condition of the skin, hair and nails, since buckwheat contains essential vitamins and macronutrients. No other diet can boast such performance. AquaMarket offers a profitable purchase of green buckwheat, which will be most useful in the diet. Thanks to affordable prices, you can try products from different manufacturers in order to choose your favorite.

Types of buckwheat groats

The variety of the product is selected taking into account the dish that is planned to be prepared. Here are the main types of products that you can buy with delivery today:

The core. Represents whole or slightly split grains, peeled from the shell. The core contains practically no fine litter and is sold in two versions. The first is uncooked buckwheat. The most useful type of cereal that has recently appeared on store shelves. Unroasted buckwheat does not lend itself to heat treatment, therefore it retains a maximum of nutrients and components. Such cereals are also called “green buckwheat”, although the grains themselves are painted in a pale brown color. The second option is fried buckwheat. The most familiar option that we are used to seeing in the store. The groats are brown in different shades. Fried buckwheat is no less useful than green buckwheat. But ready-made porridge from such cereals turns out to be richer in taste and aroma.

Done. Buckwheat groats, which are served in the form of crushed grains. It cooks faster, and the finished buckwheat porridge turns out to be tender and more uniform than cooked from the kernel. Such features make it possible to use buckwheat for cooking casseroles, cereals, meatballs.

Flakes. The smallest grits. The fraction is so fine that the consistency of the finished buckwheat resembles mashed potatoes. Thanks to such a texture, the product is easier to digest, therefore, it is recommended to buy buckwheat in flakes for dietary meals, children’s menus or the diet of the elderly. Also, flakes are used for the preparation of dietary multigrain breads.

The smallest form of buckwheat crushing is flour. It has a pleasant aroma and a characteristic taste of buckwheat porridge. Flour is used for baking bakery products, making pancakes, pancakes, noodles.

How to store buckwheat so that it does not lose its nutritional value. After opening the package, pour the cereal into a cloth bag or container with an air flow. Store the kernel for no longer than a year, placing the container with cereals further away from spices or seasonings, since the cereal quickly absorbs third-party aromas.

Buy buckwheat online

Porridge is prepared using various devices: stoves, multicooker, pressure cooker. Each cooking option has its own characteristics. How to cook buckwheat so that it tastes good? First, prepare the cereal. It must be thoroughly rinsed and field debris (pebbles, other grains) removed. Then green buckwheat can be fried a little in a dry hot frying pan. Then the porridge will turn out crumbly and fragrant.

For one glass of raw cereals, take 2.5 glasses of clean drinking water. Pour cereals into a saucepan, cover with water and lightly salt. Put on fire. How much buckwheat to cook depends on your preferences. If you want a thick porridge, keep the pan on the heat for 25-30 minutes. If you like more tender, crumbly groats, we recommend boiling buckwheat for 35-40 minutes.

Buckwheat is especially tasty in a multicooker-pressure cooker. In this case, the speed of cooking porridge depends on the program provided by the manufacturer of the device. On average, the process takes 8-10 minutes. Buckwheat porridge is crumbly and cooked evenly.